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  • 非接触式工业红外温度计
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  • 非接触式工业红外温度计

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The instrument by measuring the infrared radiation energy to determine the surface target surface temperature, to avoid personal injury to the user, do not use laser to prepare eyes directly or indirectly from reflector light, red laser is positioned not temperature measurement, laser spot the thermometer hole is the main temperature measuring parts below, please note.

Infrared thermometer to measure the surface temperature of the object is to use optical sensor receives the measuring objects emit infrared spectra, collect, focus, again by other circuit into reading the information displayed on the phone.

Compared with traditional contact thermometer has quick response speed, high precision, no touch, no consumables, etc, are widely used in chemical, environmental testing, heating and cooling, nondestructive testing, etc.

Features and advantages of non-contact industrial infrared thermometer:

1. We adopt high quality LCD display, and the data is intuitive and clear

2. Keep away from the test object and get the result, so as to protect the life and safety of the tester

3. Open the cover and place 2 batteries of no. 7 inside

4. Safe, accurate, fast and reliable measuring instruments can quickly generate temperature readings without touching objects.
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