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Buying frequently asked questions

  • 1、What is Bonded shipping?

    A: The goods purchased overseas are divided into overseas inventory and bonded area inventory. The bonded area inventory is that the seller will ship the goods to the domestic bonded area in advance. After receiving the order, the goods will be shipped directly from the domestic bonded area warehouse and sent to the customer through domestic express delivery, and the whole process will go through customs supervision.

  • 2、Guaranteed to be genuine?

    A: We will conduct a strict qualification audit on the merchants entering the mall platform, and the mall also has a number of overseas procurement centers in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and other places of origin, in order to ensure the quality of goods.

  • 3、Will the payment be risky?

    A: We will make a guarantee for you to pay Bao, and then make a payment to the merchant after confirming the receipt of the goods, so as to ensure the safety of your payment and support the purchase of RMB.

  • 4、Is there any quality problem with it being so cheap?

    A:By shipping containers in bulk and storing in bonded warehouses, logistics costs are reduced by 90%; Overseas origin procurement, no trade tariffs, 15% reduction in procurement costs, so it will bring you real discounts.

  • 5、订单已提交,未支付,多长时间会被取消?

    A: Please complete the payment within 15 minutes. If the order is not paid after the deadline, the system will automatically cancel the order. In addition, please complete the payment before the end of this flash sale.